How to use Tridify's BIM Search Tool in Unity

In this tutorial you'll learn how to use the Search function in the Tridify BIM Tools in Unity.


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1. Open Search window

Open the Search window in Tools › Tridify › Search Tool.





2. Select search parameters

The Search Tool allows you to find elements using the following search parameters:
IFC Product Type (e.g. IfcWall, IfcSlab)
IFC GUID (e.g. 1hOSvn6df7F8_7GcBWlRGQ)
IFC Name (e.g. Room 103, Door_Single-Flush146)
IFC Property (e.g. FireRating)
GameObject Name (e.g. SW – 028)
GameObject Component (e.g. Mesh Renderer)
GameObject Tag (e.g. Ceiling)
GameObject Layer (e.g. Floor)




You can filter the search, for example:

contains searches for all the entries that contain the word you entered

contains not excludes all the entries that contain the word you entered

is searches for the exact match to the word you entered

is not excludes the exact match to the word you entered




x clears all values entered in the filter

+ adds more search filters

removes the added search filters




... (three dots) button gives you a list of the IFC Types you have in your scene. It also shows you the number of objects in each type.




3. Save search or select preset search

You can save your search by clicking Save Search and use your search settings later.

You can also select one of our preset search options, for example to search for all floor or wall elements.