How to use Tridify's BIM Material Replacer Tool in Unity

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Material Replacer in the Tridify BIM Tools to change the materials in your Unity project.

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1. Open Material Replacer window

You can access the Material Replacer via Tools › Tridify › Material Replacer



2. Replace material

In the Material Replacer window you can see a list of all the materials that were detected in your IFC file. If you click the small triangle next to the material name, you'll see a preview of what the material looks like in Unity.

You can identify all objects assigned to a material by clicking the material name in the Material Replacer.

To replace the material, click the small circle on the right and select the new material. A preview of the selected material appears.



3. Apply material

To apply the material mapping click Apply in Scene button.



Save and load mapping

To save your new material settings in the Material Replacer, click Save mapping to file…  The settings will be saved as a text file. Please note that this has to be done before you apply materials.

If you use the same IFC materials in a new project, you can easily replace them with your customized material mapping by clicking Load mapping from file... and selecting the correct file.