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How to use the Visibility Tool

The Visibility Tool allows you to show, hide or show in semi-transparent mode the IFC files, IFC types and building storeys included in the model.

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Please note that the Visibility Tool is only accessible in the Viewer if the tool is selected when publishing the Viewer.

In the Tridify BIM Viewer, click the Visibility Tool button to turn on the tool.




From the Visibility Tool drop-down list select IFC files, IFC types or storeys.




When you select IFC files, you see a list of all the IFC files that are combined in the Viewer.
The open eye icon next to the IFC file name indicates that the layer is visible.




Click the eye button. An empty eye icon indicates that the layer is set as semi-transparent.




Click the eye button again. A line across the eye icon indicates that the layer is not visible.




If you select another item from the Visibility Tool drop-down list, the previous visibility selections will be reset.

You can show or hide the Visibility Tool window by clicking the Visibility Tool button. The selected visibility selections remain on.