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How to use the Measure Tool

The Measure Tool provides a quick way to measure and temporarily display the distance between any two points on the model.

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The Measure Tool can be used in the orbit view or first person view. Measurements are displayed in metric units.

Please note that the Measure Tool is only accessible in the Viewer if the tool is selected when publishing the Viewer

In the Tridify BIM Viewer, click the Measure Tool button to turn on the tool.




Click + to add a new measurement.




Click on a surface to get a perpendicular distance to the nearest surface.




To get a point-to-point measurement, click the surface where you want to start the measurement, and then click the second point where you want to measure to.




When a measurement is active, its points can be moved by dragging. The measurement is activated by clicking on its point or measurement result. If the points are moved so that the measurement is perpendicular, the line will turn green. To move a point freely, holding down the Shift key on your desktop disables the snapping to vertices and edges.




Clicking the magnet button displays blue markers at the edges and corners where the measurement point can be set.




You can make multiple measurements on the model.




Click x to delete the active measurement.




To delete all measurements at once, click the trash can button.




Exit the tool by clicking the Measure Tool button. The measurements taken remain even if the tool is closed.