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How to use the Commenting Tool

The Commenting Tool allows you to add comments and replies to selected locations - in real-time. Tridify supports BCF (BIM Collaboration Format); you can open a BCF file in the Viewer, add new comments and export the file as a BCF.

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Comments created with the Commenting Tool are attached to the BIM Viewer link. The link can be shared and those with the link can reply to comments and add new ones. 

BCF (BIM Collaboration Format) allows different BIM applications to communicate model-based issues with each other.  You can create comments in the Tridify BIM Viewer and save them as a BCF file, or open a file created in other software.

Please note that the Commenting Tool is only accessible in the Viewer if the tool is selected when publishing the Viewer.

In the Tridify BIM Viewer, click the Commenting Tool button to turn on the tool.



Navigate to where you want the comment to appear and click the + button to create a new comment.



Enter your name and comment in the Comment window.

You can attach objects to a comment (optional). Attached objects appear on the Issue details tab of the Comment window and are highlighted in the Viewer each time a comment is selected.

Click Attach objects.




Select one or more objects. Click Add objects.




Your name, comment and object (optional) are now entered in the Comment window.

Click Create topic.



Click x to close the Comment window.



You can move from one comment to another by clicking the small comment icon...




...or by clicking the back and forward buttons in the Comment window




New, unread comments are marked with a red dot.




To view the list of comments, click the Comments list button. Clicking a comment in the list takes you to the comment position.




To reply to a comment, go to the comment and click Reply.




Enter your name and comment. To add photo related to the comment, click Attach photo. On your mobile device, you can choose to add an image from a folder or take a photo with the device's camera.

Once you've entered the required information, click Add comment.




Topics created in other software can be opened in the Viewer using BCF.  Make sure the IFC in the Viewer is the same as that used to create the BCF.

To open a BCF file in the Viewer, open the Comments list window and click Open BCF.




Topics opened from a BCF file can be viewed in the Tridify BIM Viewer and new comments can be created.

To view issue details imported from another software, go to the comment and click Issue details.




To download a file containing topics and new comments, go to the Comments list window and click Download BCF.




Hide the comments by clicking the Commenting Tool button. Comments reappear when you click the Commenting Tool button again.

Note that when you unpublish the Viewer or delete the uploaded IFC file, the comments are deleted. This has no effect on downloaded BCF files.