How to sign up for a Tridify Account?

Explore the benefits of the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and start a free one year trial (no credit card required)

  1. Go to our sign up page
  2. Enter your information on the form
  3. Click Sign up

You will immediately be able to access your Tridify BIM Publishing Service Account.

Shortly after signing up, we will send you a welcome email with useful tips and links.

When you register for the Service for the first time, you get a free one-year trial with 200MB of IFC file capacity and the ability to process up to 50 IFC files per month. You can upgrade or cancel at any time.

The free trial will let you use all the features with the exception of creating new projects, adding collaborators and using the Tridify API. The trial version may not be used for commercial purposes. You can purchase a subscription plan at any time during or after the trial period to get the full version.