How to set up project location in Archicad

In this tutorial you will learn how to set up project location in Archicad. This allows you to to position the project correctly among different applications; exporting a file from Archicad to IFC preserves location.

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In Archicad, the project location is represented by:

Project Origin

A constant location which remains fixed for the life of your Project. The Project Origin of the coordinate system, marked with an X, is close to the lower left corner of the Floor Plan window, when using the default view of the default template.The Coordinates Palette shows the coordinates as (0, 0). In Floor Plan and other 2D views, the origin is always marked by a bold X.

Project Origin is immovable in Archicad. However, it is possible to move the entire project to match the Project Origin.

User Origin

By default, the User Origin is located at the Project Origin. The User Origin can be moved to any location, allowing you to “reset the zero point” to any location.


There are three ways to reposition the User Origin:

  • At any element node: click Alt + Shift (Mac: Opt + Shift).
  • At any location in a model window:
    Click the Move User Origin button from the Standard toolbar (or the Coordinates palette), then click at any point in the window. The origin is instantly relocated there.
  • Use a Snap Reference point as the User Origin:
    When you snap to a Snap Guide during input, the User Origin is automatically relocated to the nearest Snap Reference point. A temporary blue X appears, indicating the User Origin for the current input.

Return User Origin to Default Position
To return the User Origin to the Project Origin, double-click the User Origin button in the Standard Toolbar.

Project origin imported to Unity

When you use the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and the Tridify BIM Tools all IFC properties present in the project are also preserved in Unity. Project location might be stored in site topography description:

RefLatitude  : World Latitude at reference point (most likely defined in legal description). Defined as integer values for degrees, minutes, seconds, etc
RefLongitude  : World Longitude at reference point (most likely defined in legal description). Defined as integer values for degrees, minutes, seconds, etc
RefElevation  : Datum elevation relative to sea level.
LandTitleNumber  : The land title number (designation of the site within a regional system).
SiteAddress  : Address given to the site for postal purposes in text format.


If a user-defined location offset has been used in the original BIM project, it might be preserved in Unity as the default import location; this might cause the project to not be visible in default view after import.


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