How to set up custom IFC attributes in Revit

The guide takes you through the process of adding a custom IFC attribute to an object and exporting IFC file from Revit, preserving the custom attribute (property set).

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In this guide we will use a sideboard as an example model and add a custom attribute to it.

1.  Select the object and go to Edit Family.




2. Go to Create tab > Properties > Family Types



3. A Family Types window will appear.



4. In the bottom left corner select New Parameter. In Parameter Properties window select whether or not your new parameter can be shared (as in applicable to other families and projects) or if it will be a family parameter that only exists in this family. In this case we will create a Family Parameter.






* Note that you can also add a custom tooltip to describe what your custom parameter is about.

5. Once you are satisfied with your parameter and selected what kind of parameter it is, click OK.

6. Input some values for your new custom parameter.




7. Click OK. Save the family and load it to the project

8. Export your project. Our tutorial: How to export IFC from Revit.
Be aware that you need to set up custom parameters in IFC export settings.



You will see your custom parameter after export:




More info on custom parameters is available from Autodesk.