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How to manage uploaded files

You can update, download and delete the uploaded IFC file, or view information about the original and processed file.


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To manage your uploaded file, go to the Project and click the More options menu (three dots) to the right of the file.



Update a file

You can update the uploaded and processed file. Viewer links created from the file are also updated; the building model in them is updated, but the comments in the Viewer and URLs remain unchanged.




Click Update file, locate the file on your device and click Open to upload the file. After validation, the old file will be updated to the new one.



Download a file

You can download the IFC file from the Tridify cloud to your device.




Click Download the original IFC file (or Download the latest IFC file if the file has been updated), select the desired folder and click Save.

Delete a file and published links

You can delete the IFC file and all related Viewer links.




Click Delete file and published links. In the dialog box that appears, click Ok to confirm the deletion.



View file details

You can find information on both the original and the processed file.




Click View details and select the tab you want to view:

  • The Original IFC tab contains general information about the uploaded IFC file.
  • The Output tab contains information about the results of the conversion process.
  • The IFC materials tab contains information about the materials detected in the IFC file.