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How to manage the Tridify BIM Viewer settings

In the Viewer settings, you can change the language of the Viewer and turn on Draw edges to get a better view of your building model.

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Click the More options button (three dots) in the lower left corner of the Viewer.




In the menu you will find:

  • Help (question mark button): Instructions for navigating the Viewer
  • Leave feedback (speech bubble button): Give us feedback on the Viewer. Let us know if you have problems with it and what you found useful. If you wish, we will contact you.
  • Settings (gear button)

Click the Settings button.



Select the language in which you want to use the Viewer. The language options are English, Finnish and Swedish. You can also change the language in the Viewer loading window.




Outlines can make it easier to perceive the geometric shapes of a building model. Tick the checkbox, to turn on Draw edges. The feature only works on a desktop.



Click Close to exit the settings.

The settings will be remembered the next time you open the Viewer on the same device and browser.