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How to manage published Viewer links

You can enable, disable or delete your BIM Viewer link at any time. When you share links, you have the control on who sees what and when. By creating a Shared project page, you can share multiple links at once.

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Navigate to your project and select the Published links tab. On the tab you'll find all the links in the project and more information about them, such as the time of publication and the publisher.




On this page:

Disable or enable a link

Delete a link

Name a link

View link details

Working with BCF files

Enable the Shared project page


Disable or enable a link

By default, the published link is enabled. To disable the Viewer link, click the Disabled/Enabled button. Once a link is disabled, no one can use it until it is enabled. The URL of the Viewer remains the same after enabling it.




Delete a link

To delete your BIM Viewer link, click the More options menu (three dots) and select Delete link. Your Viewer link is now deleted and the URL is unusable. If you want to republish your BIM, you'll need to create a new viewer with a new URL.




Name a link

The Viewer link can be named when it is created or at any time later. After publishing, you can name or rename the link by clicking the pen icon on the Published links tab or the Link details page. The entered name appears in the list of Viewer links and on the Shared Project page; it does not appear in the Viewer itself.




View link details

Click on the link name to access the Link details page. The page can also be accessed by clicking Link details in the More options menu.




On the Link details page, you'll find the shareable URL, as well as information about files and tools in the Viewer.




Working with BCF files

In the Published links tab you have access to BCF files. In the list of Viewer links, you can see the number of topics and comments, the date the last topic or comment was added to the Viewer, you can download the BCF file or delete all topics and comments from the Viewer.

Click the arrow down icon to download the BCF file. The file can also be downloaded from the More options menu.



To delete all topics and comments in the Viewer, click the More options menu and select Delete all topics and comments.




Enable the Shared project page

The Shared project page is a web page with all the enabled Viewer links in the project.

In the project, go to the Project settings tab.




In the Project settings, you can enable the Shared project page.




When you enable the Shared project page for the first time, a unique URL is generated.




Those to whom you share the link will have access to the page and Viewer links. You can disable the link at any time to make it inaccessible. When you re-enable the link, the URL will remain the same as before.