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How to manage published Viewer links

You can choose to enable, disable or delete your BIM Viewer link at any time. Because you’re sharing links and not files, you have complete control on who sees what and when.

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Go to your Project and select the Published links tab to find all your published links in the Project.




To disable the Viewer link, click the Disabled/Enabled button. Once a link is disabled, no one can use it until it is enabled. The URL of the Viewer remains the same after it is enabled.




To delete your BIM Viewer link, click the More options menu (three dots) and select Delete link. Your Viewer link is now deleted and the URL is unusable. If you want to republish your BIM, a new URL will be generated.




Click Show link to go to the file's Viewer link page.




On this page, you'll find the shareable URL, as well as information about files and tools in the Viewer.