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How to manage projects

This tutorial shows you how to create a new project in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service, where you and your project collaborators can upload IFC files for your construction project and create Viewers.

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Multiple IFC files can be uploaded to a project in Tridify. For example, you can create a project for a construction project where you can upload an architectural, structural and HVAC file.

The owner of the Tridify subscription and team members can create and manage projects.

Create a new project

To create a new project, sign in to your Tridify BIM Publishing Service Account and click the Create project button. 




In the window that appears, enter a name for the project. Please note that all IFC files that are included in the building project should be in the same project.

Click Create project.



Create a new project as a team member

If you have the role of a team member, you can create a project using the storage space of the team owner.

Click the Create project button. In the window that opens, you will see your subscription, if you have one, and all the teams you are a member of.

Enter a name for the project. Then choose which team owner's account you want to create the project for.




Choose whether you want all team members to be added as collaborators when the project is created. Collaborators can also be added and removed later.

Click Create.



Rename a project

To rename a project, go to the Projects view and click the More options menu next to the project name. Select Rename project. Enter a new name for the project and click Save.



Delete a project

To delete a project, go to the Projects view and click the More options menu next to the project name. Select Delete project and click Ok. Note that all IFC files and Viewers in the project will be deleted.