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How to manage project collaborators

Work with your team on the same project anywhere, anytime by adding collaborators in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service.

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The owner of a subscription can share an individual project with other registered Tridify users. Added users (collaborators) can be added and removed from the project at any point. Collaborators have access to the IFC files in the project and will be able to use the owner's storage space. Collaborators can upload and manage IFC files and create and manage Viewers in the project to which they have been added. Collaborators cannot create or manage projects or add new collaborators.

In addition to the owner, team members can also add collaborators.

Add collaborators

Collaborators can be added to a project providing they have an account in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service. A free account can be opened at https://convert.tridify.com.

To share a project, go to your project and click the Collaborators tab.




The Collaborators list includes everyone who has access to the project. Click Add collaborator.




Enter the Tridify Account email address of the user you want to share your project with, then click Add.




The added collaborators have immediate access to the project.

Remove a collaborator

To remove a collaborator, click the More options menu (three dots) next to the user and select Remove collaborator from project.



Leave a project

You can leave the project to which you've been added as a collaborator at any time. Once you do that, you will no longer have access to any of its resources. The owner cannot leave the project.

To leave a project, go to the project and click the Collaborators tab. Click the More options menu next to your Tridify username and select Remove collaborator from project.