How to import BIM models into Unity

Here's how to bring your BIM models into Unity using the Tridify BIM Tools.

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Before you start

Log in to the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and upload and process your IFC file. Import the Tridify BIM Tools into your Unity project and then you can start importing your BIM models into Unity.

1. Log in to your Tridify Account

In Unity go to Tools › Tridify › Conversion Projects.



In the Conversions window, log in using the same email and password you used when you logged in to the Tridify BIM Publishing Service in your browser.




2. Select files to import

The list of your Projects will appear.




Click the Project and then click the name of the processed file.




When the processed file opens, you will see the folders created based on your IFC file. If you expand the folders, you will notice that objects are further grouped by type; all walls, doors, furniture, etc. are organised according to their IFC Type.

Select the floors or IFC Types you want to import. If you don't need IFC Type IfcSpace, you can deselect them at this point. You can also hide them later in the Inspector window.



2. Import your BIM

Click Load selected. Please note that the time the file takes to upload may vary depending on the size of the model and your network connection speed.




Your BIM model is now in Unity. 




Extra info

You can find the associated IFC data in the Inspector window by selecting an object in your model.




We recommend you to create a Prefab Asset of the imported model. When a building is imported into Unity using the Tridify BIM Tools, the IFC data is attached only to the objects that are in the Hierarchy window. In the Project window you'll find models and their meshes but they won’t have IFC data attached. When you create a Prefab you'll retain the building model and its IFC data in your project for later use.