How to export IFC from Archicad

We guide you through the steps to export your design to IFC file from Archicad. After these steps you can begin exploring the benefits of the Tridify BIM Publishing Service.

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There are multiple ways to export an IFC file from Archicad:

  1. File > Save as… > Save as type: IFC Files (*.ifc)
  2. To add certain elements from project to existing, unopened IFC file
    File > Interoperability > IFC > merge to IFC model…

More info on IFC export from Archicad



1. Go to File > Save as…




2. Choose a filename and save as type: IFC Files (*.ifc)



3. By default you should have General Export selected as a Translator. Check out “Options…” menu to make sure you have the correct settings:
Model View Definition: Coordination View Version 2.0
IFC Schema: IFC2x3
Geometry Conversion: Parametric extruded geometry




4. After checking the options, click “OK” and “Save”


Possible problems with export:

  • If your model has noticeable geometry problems, walls flipping external and internal surfaces, missing composite structure of slabs or incorrect composite layer merging in corners, you might want to try another export method. In File > Save as… > Save as type: IFC Files (*.ifc) select different translator Exact Geometry Export.


Note that not all Archicad objects can be exported as an IFC. IFC 2×3 schema does not support, for example, export of native Archicad Lamp (light source) objects.