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How to create and share Projects

Create new projects in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and invite team members to collaborate - no collaborator limit.

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You can organise your IFC files into Projects; these are similar to folders where you can upload several IFC files, should your project have separate relevant IFC files. For example, you can create a Project folder for a building to which you can upload architectural, structural and HVAC files.

Each Project can be shared with other registered Tridify users. Added collaborators will then have access to the IFC files in the Project and can use the file capacity of your user account.

1. Create new project

To create a new Project, sign in to your Tridify BIM Publishing Service Account and click the Create project button. 




A window will appear where you can name your new project. Give your Project a descriptive name. Please note that all IFC files that are included in the building project should be in the same project.

Click Create project.




2. Add a member

Go to your new Project. 




To share the Project, click the Collaborators tab.




The Collaborators list includes everyone who has access to the Project. The Project owner can add collaborators to the Project providing they have an account in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service. If they don’t have an account, ask them to go to https://convert.tridify.com and open a free account.

Click  Add collaborator.




Enter the Tridify Account email address of the user you want to add as a collaborator. Then click Add.




The new collaborator will be able to upload and process files to this project using the IFC file capacity of your account. Collaborators are also able to publish viewers to web, delete uploaded files (processed files and published viewer links will also be deleted) and import models into Unity.




Manage collaborators and projects 

Only the Project owner can add and remove collaborators.  To remove a collaborator, click the More options menu (three dots) next to the user you want to remove and select Remove collaborator from project.




Only the Project owner can delete projects. To delete a project, go to the Projects view and click the More options menu next to the project name. Select Delete project. Note that all IFC files and Viewers in the Project will be deleted.