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How to combine models in web publishing

In this tutorial you will learn how to combine IFCs from any design software and publish into one view on the web. For example, select an architectural and HVAC model and create a multi-model view.

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1. Log in and process the files

Log in to the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and go to your Project.

Upload an IFC file, wait for it to get validated and click Process file.

Repeat this with other files. Please note that all IFCs that will be combined have to be in the same project.

Wait until the processes are complete.

2. Publish to web

When the processes are complete, the checkboxes on the left become available. Select the files you would like to publish together to create a multi-model view.

Click Create viewer from selections.




Select whether you want to publish the entire model or just parts of it.

  • Full model: Show full model (all floors will be included)
  • Partial model: Show only selected floors




Select the tools you want to have in your BIM Viewer.

  • Share button: Add option to share the Viewer link via email or social media
  • Location Tool: Navigate to the different spaces from the list. In order for the tool to be selected, IfcSpaces are required in the file.
  • Commenting Tool: Use to mark up and comment on a model
  • VR headset mode: Add option for viewing the model with virtual reality headset
  • Measure Tool: Add option to measure from point to point
  • Cutting Planes Tool: Add option to display one or multiple cross-sections of the model using cutting planes
  • Visibility Tool: Add option to show, hide, or show in semi-transparent mode the IFC files, IFC types and building storeys included in the model
  • Show BIM Data: Option to select the BIM data that will be presented in the BIM Viewer

You can select an additional setting.

  • Hide furniture: Exclude all IFC furnishing elements from the BIM Viewer

Click Publish. 




Files are being post-processed. This step speeds up the loading time for the Viewer.




Your models are now on the web.

3. Open or copy URL

On the Viewer link page you’ll find the shareable URL. Click Open to view your BIM models in a web viewer. Or copy the link to share your BIMs on social media, to clients, in a chat or embed it on your site.