How to assign IFC classifications and export IFC in SketchUp

Assign IFC classifications and export your building models from SketchUp as IFC, and begin exploring the benefits of the Tridify BIM Publishing Service.

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SketchUp supports IFC standard classification data. To use SketchUp’s Classifier tool and its related features, you need a SketchUp Pro license.

The classification system must be loaded into your project. If you use one of SketchUp’s Architectural Design-templates, the IFC classification system is ready to go. Otherwise, you'll need to import classifications.



Display the Classifier toolbar by selecting Menu bar > View > Toolbars and select the Classifier checkbox.




In SketchUp you can add IFC data to components only. Components are made by selecting all of the edges and faces of an object, or a set of objects, and then right-clicking over the selected objects and selecting Make Component from the menu.




In Create Component dialog box you can add f.ex. Definition, Description and Type (Ifc Classification).



These can be later edited in the Entity Info side panel. Learn more about classifying objects in SketchUp.



Export the classified objects from SketchUp using the IFC 2×3 schema, in Menu bar > File > Export > 3D Model. Save as type IFC File.