How to add custom IFC attributes in Archicad

This guide takes you through the process of assigning custom IFC attributes for your objects. You can access them in the Tridify Viewer by using the Show BIM Data Tool or in Unity through Search Tool in Tridify BIM Tools.

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In this guide we will use a wall as an example model and assign a custom attribute to it.


1. Select the object. Open Classification and Properties dropdown menu, scroll down and click the Manage IFC Properties button.



2. In Manage IFC Properties click New... A dialogue box will open where you can specify Property Name and Type. More info on Types at Graphisoft page




A custom IFC property as it is displayed in the Object Properties window in Archicad:



Attributes added this way would be visible in your IFC file after export (using default Archicad IFC export settings).




Access custom IFC attributes in Unity

Custom attributes will be present in Unity after your IFC has been processed in the Tridify BIM Publishing Service. IFC parameters are accessible via Search Tool in Tridify BIM Tools for Unity.