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How to access the VR Mode in the Tridify BIM Viewer

The VR Mode in the Tridify BIM Viewer allows you to view your BIM in virtual reality on mobile or desktop.

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Please note that the VR headset mode is only accessible in the Viewer if the tool is selected when publishing the Viewer.


In the Tridify BIM Viewer click the VR headset button.




Note that VR mode is based on WebXR, which is an experimental JavaScript API and support for all virtual reality devices cannot be guaranteed. WebXR is currently supported in Google Chrome, Firefox Reality, Edge and Oculus browser.


To enter VR mode, press Continue and place your VR headset on. Note that if your browser does not support WebXR, the Continue button is disabled.




If you have a VR headset with a controller, you can move in a virtual space.