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How to access BIM data in the Tridify BIM Viewer

The Tridify BIM Viewer has the ability to display BIM information so you can quickly and easily view object properties, such as the properties of walls, floors and slabs. You can also view spaces and their object properties.

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Ensure that when you create your BIM and export it to IFC, all relevant data is present. Only if it is present at export will it be visible in the Tridify BIM Viewer, as object properties in the Viewer are view-only and can’t be edited.

Process your IFC through the Tridify BIM Publishing Service and create the Viewer.

Choose specific property sets you want available in the Viewer, before you publish to web. Please note, the option to view BIM data is only accessible in the Viewer when some/all properties are selected.




Open the Tridify BIM Viewer and click the Info button to turn on the Show BIM Data tool.




Click an object in the model to select it and then view its properties in the Object Properties panel.




If IfcSpaces are detected in the file you can view them by clicking the Space button.




Select a space by clicking on the dark gray cube.




You can also select a space from the list of IfcSpaces.




The properties of the selected  IfcSpace are displayed in the Object Properties panel.




To hide the Object Properties panel, go to the left of the panel and click the arrow. The panel will pop up again when you select another object or space.

Exit the tool by clicking the Info button.