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Why architects & BIM managers are excited about 3D BIM models on the web

Posted by Kate Barlow on August 28, 2019


Consider the impact of 3D BIM Models online…

  • Can you imagine how much more effective your teams will be when they can view your architectural models wherever they are?
  • What will happen when you can just ping the client an 3D immersive model that they can view and navigate from any web-enabled device?
  • How much will your workflow and decision-making improve?

“Clients often can’t visualise the project when I show them 2D drawings,” said one architect at DCW2019, “and, to be honest, some of my team struggle with it too.” The result is people change their minds during construction – or they find flaws in the design that are easily overlooked during the review stage.

One example of this involved the design for a new hospital, where no one realised that the corridors were too narrow for trolleys to pass each other. Luckily, the architect was working with Tridify so the hospital team identified and resolved the issue before the project moved into the construction stage.

Design clashes are another very familiar headache for us all. It can be hard to explain to clients that each contractor uses different design software and this makes it hard to identify problems before the building stage. Thankfully there is a solution. All design software has an export to IFC function. Using Tridify to process and overlay these different IFC files allows you to detect clashes while you’re still working on your designs.

When you can view 3D BIM models on a tablet, mobile or with VR goggles, it brings the design straight to the site during the construction stage. All your team needs is the link that you create when you publish to web in Tridify. If you just want to share a single storey or room, you can do that too (with a simple step, explained in our tutorial). Collaborators don’t need any logins to view the designs. They also don’t need to download an app and there’s no training required to walkthrough and view your 3D BIM models. It really couldn’t be easier!

“Right now, the team wants to see the model while they’re on site and I have to tell them to come into the office to look at it. No one wants to do that. If we use Tridify, we share the models through our WhatsApp group and it’ll be amazing!” commented one attendee at DCW 2019. And he’s absolutely right.

When BIM managers and architects can share their 3D BIM models easily, they bring human scale to the user. This is invaluable to someone who might not be able to grasp scale from a 2D plan – or someone wrestling with information overload on site. When you can view the model on a phone, tablet, desktop or with VR goggles, you can visit the building in an immersive experience. This facilitates professionals’ and clients’ understanding of relationships between spaces and lighting conditions, on a level that conventional scale models never would be. This demonstrates both interior light and a superior level of detail in a way that cannot be experienced otherwise.

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