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What's the Tridify Web VR?

Posted by Paula Lain on September 18, 2019

Tridify offers a simple solution to get 3D BIMs on the web easily and fast, and support all IFCs that can be exported from known AEC software tools.

Tridify has no technological restraints because you don’t need to view 3D Models on the web with an APP – so no install, update, device specific constraints (we support all devices)

Tridify supply multiple viewers for different audiences and different use cases and different user skill levels – this means that our customers, and their users, can immediately have the right tool for specific needs.

Our customers decide what data will be shown and for what purpose, by only giving the user the viewing link that they want. Users do not need to register to be able to view our customers data, they just need a simple URL that they can share via any communication media (SMS, email, QR-code, WhatsApp)

As a Tridify user, if you want to give your fellow user/client/customer/team member/review board/owner/whoever exactly the same virtual experience that you are having, the only way to do that is to just give them a shareable link to a web page where they have the same experience from exactly the same viewpoint that you are having without any additional registering, credentials, installations, etc. This cannot be achieved with any installable application.

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We are not trying to solve all the use cases with one single solution. Our ideology is to provide the simplest solution to solve the specific use case with the same data. One problem with the traditional approach is that you typically have a UI that is full of buttons and no-one knows how to use them.

Many of our customers say that if they have a menu on an app, they have just lost half of their users because they find it overly complicated to learn/use.

Data management is a key in BIM. That is why we have developed this solution, to bring BIM data from all AEC design tools to one place where you can layer them in one view and automatically show the most important parts that you want for your client. For example you might have an architectural, MEP and HVAC models in one view and only show a single floor or single apartment from the 100 storey building.

It’s the fact that our solution brings the BIM data to web browser, that our clients are able to filter things easily with URL parameters and there is no need to reprocess the data or do any manual work to achieve the views they want.

In summary, we are providing a solution that brings BIM to masses in an easily shareable way – with any device with a browser, across phones to VR Goggles. The main thing is that the Tridify mobile Web VR is the only VR solution that will gives users the the freedom to choose how and with what device they are going to view it.

Jukka Muhonen

Head of Production

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