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Using Tridify to Articulate Coursework Gives You The Edge at University

Posted by Rhys Phillips on January 21, 2021

As a civil engineering student, it feels like we have a never-ending stream of deadlines: lab reports, online quizzes, group design projects… the list goes on! Until it comes to exam time and then it’s 16 weeks off, filled with internships and a well-deserved break, before the cycle starts again.

But in this relentless stream of deadline after deadline it is hard to go above and beyond for every project you work on. No matter how hard we try; some things always slip through the cracks. And with this, it becomes harder to stand out. We are all looking for ways to stand out, but with all we have to do how do we make the time? It was this thought that led me, as a digitally-minded engineer, to look for tips, tricks and tools to enhance the quality and presentation of my work. The idea being that when deadlines were tight I could still produce high-quality work that would stand out from every other submission.

In my second year of university I came across Tridify and immediately realised that this was one such tool. Having had previous experience working with 3D modelling software from a summer placement I was routinely modelling any structural designs that I completed at university for my own development. I had also experimented with creating cloud renders in Autodesk and the use of QR codes on my submissions that linked to these renders but the system was clunky and could only provide a single viewpoint with poor resolution. Using Tridify allowed me to process entire models into easily navigable renders that could be opened with ease on any device.

For our end of year structural design project, I had already modelled in Revit our final design and so it took under a minute to process this in Tridify. I was then able to embed a link to this on to our submission and allow our lecturer to see in 3D or VR our design. No other tool could have produced such an easy to use, real-time render that was stored securely online. There were no worries of ‘have I uploaded the right file’ or ‘will our tutor be able to open it’. I simply copy and pasted the link and pressed submit.

When we got our marks back I was pleasantly surprised that our lecturer had taken the time to open up the Tridify render and view my design in all its glory. I have no doubt that this contributed to my high mark and certainly allowed me to stand out from the crowd – all with very little time and effort on my part.

With the advent of digital engineering, digital skills are a must for engineers of all disciplines. I would highly recommend becoming 3D modelling proficient as a general tool for your future career and would recommend bringing these models to life in Tridify just as much.

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