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Upload IFC & install the Tridify BIM Tools for Unity Editor

Posted by Paula Lain on December 19, 2018

Taking architectural 3D BIM & CAD models to Unity with BIM data attached – fast!
Speed up your whole workflow when you combine our BIM Conversion Cloud Service with Tridify BIM Tools.

First open your Tridify Account to access our automatically scalable BIM Conversion Cloud Service. We’ll convert your 3D model from all leading design software into a UV-mapped and optimised model. All the original BIM data will remain attached. The conversion is simple and fast; no need to learn new processes – see videos below!

Next download the Tridify BIM Tools to import your converted model into Unity. Now that it’s in Unity with excellent geometry and with all the BIM data attached, you can explore the ever-expanding and exciting tool features. For example, you can run an advanced search (imagine finding 10,000 objects in just a few clicks now!) and automate material mapping, lighting generation and more…

If you need further advice, our Support section has a variety of developer tools and tutorials for Unity developers.

A bit more info…

IFC format is a global standard that is not controlled or linked by any specific company or product, so the customers that use our service have the opportunity to use any design software that supports an IFC export; all major 3D architecture and CAD software have an IFC export functionality (ArchiCAD, Revit, Tekla, VectorWorks, etc). Currently Tridify Convert supports the IFC 2×3 format, so make sure that when you export .ifc files, to select the correct format.

IFC files not only have 3D data but also the whole data set for each object set in the CAD software. This means that our software can recognise different types of objects like a door, windows, etc. Additionally, you get all the data originally inserted to the objects, for example manufacturer, phase of construction, etc.

If you are still having trouble uploading your IFC and installing the Tridify BIM Tools, please email us at support@www.tridify.com and we’d be delighted to help.

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