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Tridify is the type of tool we have been waiting for!

Posted by Paula Lain on December 10, 2018

We’ve been using Tridify to bridge the gap between Revit and Unity, exporting the entire BIM model via IFC and then working with all of the Revit metadata within the Unity 3D environment. It’s the type of tool we’ve been waiting for as it completely streamlines an otherwise untenable workflow.

Being able to easily bring in the Revit model to Unity, in all of its detail with the associated BIM metadata, has changed the way we work. Previously, this simply wasn’t possible for large scale, open-ended building projects. Once in Unity, we’re now able to click on a feature such as a wall and bring up all the associated metadata straight out of Revit, accessing the information architects or engineers have designed into a space, without any extra work.

Once the Tridify conversion has taken place, we start to organise the 3D model, turn different categories on or off, use photospheres to show a client a VR view inside the building from a particular viewpoint, as well as select specific objects that are linked to the metadata. This is just one example of how we’re using Revit and Tridify to bring architectural models seamlessly into Unity so that we can add more functionality and enhance 3D interactive experiences for clients.

In terms of benefits to our business, a lot of our work is about placing data into context and Tridify lets us bring much more of the design data into immersive applications. We will be using it for construction site augmented reality QA/QC tools as well as virtual reality design tools. The increase in conversion automation means we can better provide clients with reusable tools that follow them throughout the design and construction process, which ultimately saves them money.

Simon Manning
Creative Director
Bevel, Seattle, USA
Bevel creates advanced virtual and augmented reality experiences for architecture, construction and design clients in North America

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