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Tridify For Communicating Design Intent

Posted by Rhys Phillips on January 21, 2021

Wasted time is something nobody likes. And time is money so wasted time is wasted money. This is why in the construction sector it is paramount that we reduce the amount of wasted time – both on-site and in the design office.

One of the most frustrating things I have experienced as a design engineer is being told AFTER I have submitted a design that actually some parameter has changed and the last week of design work was essentially wasted. Whilst changing programs and schemes are part and parcel of the construction industry; too often we only find out about a scheme change too late and realise that we were working to the wrong constraints all along. If we had just been clued into the update, we could have effectively halved design time.

This is why communication is key in construction and why the tools we use to communicate are just as important as the tools we use to design. Without effective communication the risk of having to replicate designs is high and this is a major cause of wasted time in civil engineering projects. What we also have to remember is that communication works both ways. The best designs are developed continually with incremental improvement due to the involvement of all stakeholders.

Tridify allows every interested party to see the design at every stage and affect the design process by voicing their input. I know from personal experience that unless designs are communicated in an easy to use, visual way no useful feedback will be received. This is the advantage of Tridify. With one click I can create a render of whatever design I’m working on, at whatever stage, and share it with whoever needs to see it – clients, architects, engineers, local government… you name it. Because they only see the render, the model data is safe and because the system is easy to use, feedback can be received immediately on every aspect. When working on complex, intricate designs, it is paramount that snagging details are not missed and being able to collaborate between disciplines and have a quick, easy error checking procedure without having to run complex validation software is a huge bonus.

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