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The Value of Data

Posted by Rhys Phillips on January 21, 2021

In the construction industry ‘BIM’ has become the buzzword of the decade. But what does it actually mean? Building Information Modelling is what it stands for, but what it means is simple: data.

From what type of lightbulbs are used to what grade and section steel is used the data that goes into a BIM model is vast. It is also hugely important. In only the last few years data has become the most valuable commodity on earth and so it is prescient that BIM is coming to the fore in the construction industry at this point. The data contained within a BIM model is useful at every stage of a project and so has immense value to everyone involved. Being able to monitor structural degradation, plan refurbishments, carry out repairs and maintenance and generally keep a record of what is happening in a structure is hugely useful during re-construction, construction, use and demolition and so it is important to ensure that BIM models are both rich in data and shared with the relevant parties safely and securely.

Modern modelling tools make it easy to create an abundance of data; but the second point, about sharing this data, is less well executed. Too often the designer is unwilling or unable to share the model with relevant parties and this can impede the decision-making process throughout the life of a structure. This results in the data contained within the model being under-utilised and often wasted when it could have huge value.

Tridify, therefore, fills a niche in the market. It is compatible with almost every piece of industry-standard modelling software currently in use and allows models to be viewed safely and securely over the internet. With Tridify there are no risks of data being mismanaged or misused as only the render is shared and so only the data that requires transmission is transmitted. This also means that models can be rendered and shared almost immediately as there is no unnecessary data being processed. For a quick, easy and highly versatile tool that allows models to be shared almost instantly Tridify is the perfect choice.

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