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Sharing BIM models made easy

Posted by Paula Lain on October 28, 2019

Tridify’s mission is to make BIM models easier to share and open up new possibilities by making them accessible to everyone. Paula Lain, Tridify’s Marketing Director, highlights how this dramatically improves communication for architects, both internally and externally.

“Tridify works well as a quick way of presenting models to clients and design teams, as it only needs minimal time and preparation. The short conversion time makes it much easier to use 3D models during meetings as it’s easier to switch between different versions.”  Stefan Ahlman Architects

Trying to share a BIM model often involves complex software, specialised hardware, technical skills and takes time. Attempting to share it online is even more challenging and it’s these barriers which Tridify’s Web Publishing service has been designed to overcome.

By giving quick access to 3D BIM models via a browser, viewers simply click on a URL and explore the model on a phone or computer screen. No additional application has to be downloaded, you don’t need to learn any complicated software and there’s no difficult on screen menu to be navigated. This opens up a vast array of new opportunities in the AEC workflow, where BIM models can now add further value, from planning, design and simulation to construction, training or even maintenance.

Reducing the cost of using 3D models

One of the main benefits of Tridify Web Publishing is the cost saving compared to the traditional route of creating interactive 3D models. With VR models normally taking weeks and thousands of dollars to create, this means only flagship projects can justify the high investment. With Tridify Web Publishing, you only pay from $20 per month and it’s fully automated. Many architect or engineering companies use VR models for only a handful of projects every year due to the cost. Now they can visualise all of their projects in 3D direct from the BIM model if needed. There’s also no longer a two week delay waiting for the visualisation to be created as it can now be achieved in minutes.

Improved communication

By making BIM models easily viewable in a browser, a new faster workflow is created which challenges the status quo. A workflow that reduces the time it takes architects to communicate internally or externally, with staff, clients, contractors or anyone else who benefits from seeing an interactive model. This helps solve the problem of misunderstandings in the design process and underpins better collaboration during construction between architects, contractors or clients.

Our approach means you share what you want, from a single apartment to a whole floor, or visualise different project phases over time to show progress. You don’t have to show the whole BIM model, which sometimes makes things more complicated for the viewer than they need to be. You simply select the assets that you want to show.

Intellectual Property Rights

Feedback from architects revealed to us how valuable it is to be able to send a link to a 3D model instead of sending files. Now you can easily publish/unpublish models and manage their visibility, giving you greater control over how the models are used. This method dramatically reduces the chance of models being copied and intellectual property rights are better protected.

Simplicity is key

Our ideology is to provide the simplest solution to improving access to BIM models. With Web Publishing, you simply upload your BIM model into Tridify as an IFC file, select what you want to visualise and click ‘publish’. You don’t need to know how to use 3D development platforms or understand how to code.

For sharing BIM models on mobile phones you don’t need to invest in anything, you only need a mobile phone, tablet or computer to view a URL so it’s easy and straightforward.

BIM to Web publishing is the latest milestone in our mission to automate workflows for architects, making BIMs viewable online in just a few clicks, taking minutes not days or weeks. This is about getting your BIM model out there quickly and easily – something that has traditionally proven incredibly difficult in the past.

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