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Ramboll and Tridify to collaborate

Posted by Sonja Wessell on May 26, 2021

Viewing and commenting on BIM models via a weblink

Ramboll has signed an agreement to resell the cloud service developed by Finnish software company Tridify, which allows stakeholders to interact with a building’s BIM model via a simple 3D web link. All stakeholders, including non-BIM professionals, can now become familiar with 3D BIM models of buildings during the planning and construction phases and give feedback to designers using any browser on a mobile device.

The 3D view of the BIM model is easy to use and the link to it works without a separate login or application, on any device with a web browser,” says Alexander Le Bell, CEO of Tridify. “The link can be easily shared, for example, in a WhatsApp message.”

The recipient of the URL can explore and comment on the BIM model at their convenience -when and wherever it suits them. The URL gives the user access to view and comment on the 3D BIM model but the actual BIM model itself is not shared. Text and photo messages can be created directly with the commenting tool and can then be exported back to the original design software.

Facilitates stakeholder involvement

The need to share construction projects with various stakeholders has further increased,” says Max Levander from Ramboll, the head of the BIM modelling unit. “This new technology facilitates the involvement of non-BIM professionals in construction projects.”

Levander sees the Tridify cloud service as an excellent addition to Ramboll’s BIM model coordination service.

We have made it very easy to order the Tridify cloud service through us. Ramboll’s expertise is to ensure that construction projects receive the most out of using Tridify technology and that the information model stays up-to-date as a project progresses,” Levander says. “Previously, we have used CAVE and VR technology in user-oriented design workshops. This know-how can now also be utilised with the Tridify technology.”

According to Levander, the Tridify cloud service should be used in construction projects where the developer and the user of the building are different parties, when a building is created for a large organisation such as a new hospital, or when old premises are radically changed, for example.ramboll-1200x675

If you’ve ever used Street View on Google Maps, for example, you can also use the Tridify cloud service,” says Max Levander. “In the information model, you can tour and explore different spaces inside the building.”

About Ramboll

Ramboll is a leading international engineering, design and consultancy company with 16,000 experts worldwide. In Finland Ramboll employs 2,500 people throughout the country. We deliver our clients innovative solutions in markets as diverse as Buildings, Construction Management, Transport, Planning & Urban Design, Water, and Environment & Health. With the help of our experts and strong insight, we aim to create solutions that truly strengthen the whole society.

About Tridify

Tridify has been at the forefront of developing VR solutions for over 30 years, focused on automating the delivery of 3D models to improve workflows and introduce new ways of collaborating. With users in over 50 countries, customers include WSP, Skanska and DPA Architects.



Read more (English): https://go.tridify.com/ramboll-partner

Read more (Finnish): https://go.tridify.com/ramboll-partneri 



Link to the original article (note text in Finnish): https://fi.ramboll.com/Media/rfi/ramboll-ja-tridify-yhteistyohon 

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