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Protect your intellectual property rights by sharing BIM models online

Posted by Kate Barlow on November 28, 2019

Sending BIM models to clients has always had its risks – once they’re sent, you lose control of them. Tridify’s BIM to Web Publisher solves the problem, as Jukka Mahonen, Head of Production, explains.

Many architects or engineers don’t like sending BIM models to clients or other third parties. Simply due to the lack of control in what might happen to them once they’ve left their computer. Confidentiality breaches, models falling into the hands of competitors, or even being copied for unscrupulous means are among the risks. The IP (intellectual property) landscape can also be further complicated when multiple designers, consultants or contractors are involved in the same BIM model.
On the receiving end, clients often can’t download BIM viewers or click on .exe files due to security reasons, which creates another barrier when trying to share 3D models. Tridify’s BIM to Web Publishing service radically changes things by allowing architects and engineers to send clients a link to a model, instead of sending them as files.


To make a model viewable online, users simply upload an IFC file into Tridify and click ‘publish’. No additional applications or technical skills are required. They can then simply publish and unpublish the URL, offering greater control over how the models are viewed and used during the design and build phases. The Tridify service also lets users choose how much of the model and what levels of detail they want to share too.

Models cannot be copied as easily and as the original IFC file is not part of the online visualisation, you’re sharing less sensitive data and intellectual property rights are better protected. This simple method also dramatically improves the close collaboration of architects, engineers, contractors and suppliers, giving the industry new ways of working which help spread the benefits of BIM with a lot less effort.



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