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Interactive floor plans for real estate & property sales

Posted by Kate Barlow on September 3, 2019

Immersive virtual walkthroughs in property and real estate sales is probably the technology that excite end-users the most. Real estate agents need to be ready to satisfy buyers’ appetites for interactive floor plans. They also need to work quickly.

When you work in a fast-moving property market, you can’t wait for hours or even days to create 3D virtual models. You also need to respond to the way your clients work – fast and on the move. This is where Tridify can help by giving you access to interactive 3D walkthroughs of your properties.

The barriers to selling off plan

When you are experienced at reading 2D plans, you can conjure a picture of the built world in your head. You know how a room feels once the tables and chairs are in place or how the kitchen will look in reality. Clients and customers don’t always find it so easy. Unfortunately we’ve have all heard “Oh! I didn’t expect it to look like that!” All too often.

Virtual tours and interactive floor plans

You know that using technology to bring the properties you are selling to life will speed up sales and increase your buyers’ satisfaction. You also know that your clients will love to get faster revenues and less rework. Historically, it has been relatively easy to create a virtual tour of an existing building but slow and expensive to get an interactive walkthrough of unbuilt properties. You could justify the investment for big developments but not small ones. Tridify changes this with affordable plans and “light” models which run on mobile devices so your buyers can make decisions on the move.

3D Anytime. Anywhere.

With Tridify you can create a virtual 3D walkthroughs in minutes not hours. You simply need an IFC file from the architect and we’ll do the rest. Best of all, you can send clients a link to a mobile-friendly interactive model. When you give your buyers an immersive experience, the impact on your sales process is incredible!

Publish links to your property portfolio on social media and wow your buyers before you’ve even spoken to them.

  • Provide a tailored service for a potential buyer by switching wall colours, flooring etc and then share the customised model via email, WhatsApp or any other messaging service.
  • Impress your potential clients by shortening sales cycles and selling more properties off plan to happier customers.

The world of property sales and real estate is changing. Tridify helps you to keep up!

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