<span id=From Revit design to gingerbread "3D BIM Model" in 5 steps" />


From Revit design to gingerbread "3D BIM Model" in 5 steps

Posted by Kate Barlow on December 20, 2019

When the Tridify team makes a gingerbread house for Christmas it’s always something a bit special and this year Dina started by creating her design in Revit!

It’s not surprising that the Tridify team has a passion for architecture and an interest in public buildings so, when Dina decided it was time to bake a gingerbread house, she looked for inspiration in ArchDaily, rather than Instagram or Pinterest!
Dina has a long-standing admiration for Louis Kahn’s design for the library at Phillips Exeter Academy in the United States. The building was completed in 1972, a modern design that is sympathetic to the older buildings on the school site and its elegance and style have endured over the decades. You can see the beautiful interior, as well as the exterior, in this article in Arch Daily.
As the plans for the Exeter Library are publicly available, Dina was able to reconstruct the design in Revit. You might have already seen her 3D BIM model of the library which she created by exporting an IFC of her model from Revit and using Tridify’s cloud service to publish her 3D BIM model to web.


5 Steps to Reconstruct a Public Building in Gingerbread, using Revit

  1. Once you have your plans, recreate the original design in Revit and print out the plans – creating your own 3D BIM model with Tridify is optional!
  2. Use the plans as a template to cut out your gingerbread dough. There’s a bit of skill here and some luck for, as Dina warns, the thermal expansion of gingerbread dough is not linear.
  3. Bake the gingerbread and mark out the features you intend to ice onto the building. You can use a pin to mark the corners of windows by pricking through your template.
  4. Decorate the gingerbread façades with the windows and doors and add any other features you wish to highlight. Dina’s design has plenty of windows and doors so she chose not to add other features to the uprights of her building. However, she has marked a number of other features on the roof.
  5. Finally, Dina and the team assembled the Exeter Library Gingerbread House and added their own little extra features – the oversized Santa, gingerbread men and candy were definitely not part of Louis Kahn’s original design!


Doesn’t it look great?



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